Industrial robots are some of the most flexible machines available today. They open up a whole world of automation and precision. There are around one million industrial robots installed all over the world. Some are over 30 years old and still going strong. Despite this robot uptake has been relatively small. Many industries that could, do not widely employ robots. Industrial robots are commonly used in the automotive industry and more generally in manufacturing. They are used in food production and agriculture, aerospace, construction, plastics, product testing and pharmaceuticals. Industrial robots are, by their very definition, multipurpose machines. They can be used in very many applications to increase efficiency, reduce waste and make things safer, faster and better.

There are a huge number of potential applications for industrial robotics. Robots are here, now, ready to work and even affordable. They take dangerous, tedious bottlenecks and turn them into opportunities for innovation, cost saving and increased quality. But it can be daunting. Specifying and sourcing industrial robots is not simple as there are simply too many possibilities. That is where information and experience count – and you can count on our experience and information.

Please take the time to look around, read about what robots can do and how they have developed. Take a look at our news and our stock list of affordable robots and feel free to contact us to discuss your application, buy a machine or just talk about robots!

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