This is a list of industrial robots we have for sale. Robots are sold checked and tested by experienced robot engineers. If you have robots for sale or specific machines that you are looking for including; gantry units, manipulators, turntables, track units, weld units, grippers and other parts please get in contact on

MotomanUP20XRC20kg 7m x 1.4m approxOn 6m 7th axis track unit 2£8,000Used motoman XRC industrial robots on tracks
Nachi ST166FAX166kg2654mm2012 Unused condition1£5,500
Nachi SF155-02AW155kg2534mmYear 2000 -Colour TPU. Fast, easy to use5£4,000Used Robots finder at
Nachi SF133-02AW133kg2534mmYear 2000 -Colour TPU10£3,800Used Nachi SF133-02 industrial robot with controller
Nachi SA160FAR160kg2597mm1997 - Ideal for affordable palletising5£3,000Nachi SA series industrial robot
Nachi SA130FAR130kg2597mm1997 - Super low cost, full spec robot10£2,800
DobotM1 SCARAM1 studio (PC based)1.5kg 400mm2018 Ex Demo with end effectors 1£3,000
MotomanHP6NX6kg 1378mm2007 very good condition1£15,000
Flux IntegrationAlly SCARAFLX.CTL (PC Based)4.5kg406mm2016 Ex Demo 1£2,800Flux Integration SCARA robot
Panasonic welders4 x YA1 - TA1800 arms4 x WG-E18008kg - MIG welding 1796mmLot of 4 welders with manipulators4£25,000Panasonic TA 1800 welding robots
MotomanES165NNX100165kg2651mmIdeal handling robot excellent controller 10£5,800Motoman ES165N with NX100 controller used industrial robot
Motoman UP50NNX10050kg2046mmIdeal for machine tending especially plastics8£5,900UP50N with NX 100 controller industrial robot from Hagen automation
MotomanES200NNX100200kg2651mmHeavyweight handling robot5£5,900Motoman ES200N industrial robot arm with NX100 controller
Motoman EH80NX10080kg2051mmHigh Speed Handling Robot2£6,000EH80 motoman work envelope used industrial robot
Robots, unless otherwise specified are sold tested - complete with controller, pendant and cables
All prices Excluding VAT and EXW UK - updated regularly - please contact us to confirm availability
Shipping can be arranged as can training, manuals and installation services
Photos/Videos available, viewing in person very welcome
Spare parts for many robots available